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Soke Schenck's Testimonial

Our director, Soke (Grandmaster) Herschel Schenck has been involved with the martial arts for most of his life. He is currently a Hachidan (8th degree black belt), and is the founder of a martial arts style that is internationally sanctioned and taught through the Awase Kenpo Kai (Combined Fist Methods Association), established in 1978.

Styles taught by Soke Schenck include:

Awase Kenpo Karate-Do
Awase Kenpo-Jitsu
Awase Kobudo
Awase Iaido
Shichi Dobutsu Kenpo

For more information, please visit the AKKai website.

Soke Schenck is a full-time instructor, operating various dojo since 1976. He currently operates a large commercial dojo, and has various schools and clubs affiliated under his organization. He is also the Director of Martial Arts for University of Akron/Wayne College and the College of Wooster.

During his martial arts career, Soke Schenck has competed and judged in hundreds of tournaments. Besides being a highly-awarded competitor, he has also helped to produce numerous national champions.

The most striking aspect of Soke Schenck is his love and devotion to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. After accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior at the age of 17, Soke attended and graduated from Cedarville College, which is a Christian college in Ohio. While attending there, he became involved with a ministry called "Karate for Christ" and helped in many evangelistic demonstrations. Since then, he has developed his own demonstration team called "Sidekicks for Christ."

Soke was also a member and Assistant Director of the Christian Black Belt Association. He was certified through this organization as a Martial Arts Chaplain.

Soke Schenck has a BA in Business Administration, and was a private detective for ten years. He has much to offer fellow martial artists in many areas. He is looking forward to sharing with you soon!

picture at top left: Mt. Davidson Easter Cross, San Francisco

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