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Awase Kenpo Kai

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Programs of Study

Students and enthusiasts of Kenpo have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. These include physical fitness and weight control benefits, a source of discipline and self-control in student's lives, and the desire to protect their safety through self-defense. Students also benefit from participating in a healthy, active community with shared interests in study and self-improvement.

Institutes of Karate-Do offers a number of programs suitable to a range of interests and abilities. Our class schedules are designed to meet busy schedules, as well.

Awase Kenpo Karate-Do

Belt rank tests, inter dojo sparring, and tournament competition are mandatory. Students progress through 10 colored or "kyu" ranks before testing for black belt. The material at each level increases in difficulty, so students are always challenged and engaged.

This is a comprehensive program of study which has both junior and adult requirements. Students work individually within the group classes, allowing each learner to progress at his or her own pace.

Students in this program will learn forms, sparring, self-defense, and techniques including blocks, punches, kicks, and break falls.

For information on the development and sources of Awase Kenpo Karate-Do, please visit our History page.


Bukido is a safe, fun, and realistic sparring with specially designed and padded bo, swords, nunchaku, and other weapons. In Japan and other parts of the US, Bukido is called Chanbara. Bukido classes are taught separately from Karate classes.

Other Programs of Study

We offer a variety of other classes, such as:

Kenko-Na Kenpo (Healthy Fist Way)

Shichi Dobutsu Kenpo (7 Animals Fist Method)

W.A.S.P.S. (Women's Assertive Self Defense System)

C.A.D.E.T.S. (Children's Assertive Defense & Escape Tactics System)

E.D.S. (Executives Defense Systems)

S.C.R.A.P. (Senior Citizen's Realistic Anti-assault Program)

Some of our programs can be adapted for a short course or seminar suitable for your company, church, or organization. We also offer an Instructor's Internship program, Sidekicks for Christ, and a Tournament Competition Team Program.

For information on any of our programs or to schedule a seminar or short course, please call or e-mail.

Awase Kenpo Goshin-Jutsu

Closely related to the Awase Kenpo Karate-Do curriculum, Goshin-Jitsu is a sub-system that stresses development in street-smart self-defense. Free sparring or kumite and forms are optional for the Goshin-Jutsu student, who may wish to enter into tournament competition in these divisions. This is an excellent curriculum for differently abled students or those who feel uncomfortable with free-sparring and need a program which is tailored more specifically for them. Students train in regularly scheduled Karate classes.

Awase-Ryu Kobudo

This curriculum is the study of many different traditional Okinawan weapons. Okinawans developed these weapons from agricultural tools in response to the need to defend themselves against invading Samurai from the Japanese mainland.

Traditional Okinawan weapons taught at Institutes of Karate include:


Students may begin weapons training when they have reached yellow belt in their primary style. Once they have achieved belt rank in a weapon, they may choose to continue study of the same weapon or to explore a second weapon. Kata competition at tournaments may be required for achievement of belt rank. Classes are offered separately from the Karate classes. Please call or e-mail for class times and availability.


Iaido is the traditional art of Samurai swordsmanship. Students will train in use of the long sword, short sword, and dagger. Belt ranking is mandatory and weapon Kata competition at tournaments is an option. Classes are taught separately from Karate classes. Please call or e-mail for class times and availability.

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"Other martial arts schools teach people new things, but our dojo teaches people to be someone new!" -Soke Herschel Schenck