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Awase Kenpo Kai

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Special Products

For information or to order any of these products, contact Herschel Schenck at 330-345-7579 or use the "contact us" form on this website.

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Custom Single or Multiple Board Holder for Breaking

All-steel construction and fully adjustable. Contact Us for pricing! These unique board holders greatly increase the steadiness of the board and reduce injuries to the fingers of your holders!

Martial Arts Supplies and Equipment Sales
If we don't have it, we can usually get it!

Century and other major supply companies represented. Contact us for current sales and specials.

Hand Carved Name/Rank Stamps


Click on image for larger view.

These can be carved in reverse, with colored characters on a white background.

Japanese, Chinese or Korean

These stamps can be made from stone or wood. Authenticate your signature and documents in traditional style! Contact us for custom quotes.

Martial Arts Training Videos

Kata, weapons, self-defense, and techniques are selectively available on video. Contact Us about prices and current selection!

Custom Martial Arts Graphic Services

Contact us for signage, silk screening, and custom embroidery at competitive cost. We can also customize any uniform to your specific needs.

Tournament Resources

Put over 30 years of tournament management experience to work for you. Whether you are just seeking advice on how to set up divisions or need someone to manage activities on your tournament day to free you for other tasks, contact us for information. A well-run tournament is a fun, learning experience filled with good experiences for all. We've all been to tournaments that didn't go as planned, and nobody wants their tournament to go awry. Please visit our "Special Events" page for information on upcoming AKK tournaments.

Special Events

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"Other martial arts schools teach people new things, but our dojo teaches people to be someone new!" -Soke Herschel Schenck