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Awase Kenpo Kai

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9th Kyu Vocabulary

Senior Students (12 and up) will be tested on these terms before advancing to 10th kyu. (Yellow belt.) Junior students (under age 12) should be familiar with these terms.


Dojo: (Doe-joe) Literally, way place. A martial arts training hall or school.


Obi: (oh-bee) Belt worn with martial arts uniform. This often designates the rank of the wearer.

Kenko-Na Kenpo: (Ken-coe-nah Ken-poe) Healthy Fist Way. This is a sybsystem of Awase Kenpo and is similar to the Chinese art of Tai Chi.


Uke: (OO-kay) Practice partner who portrays the role of the attacker.

Mr. Rod Rehm is shown here as Uke on a Black Belt examination.


Taisabaki: (tie-sah-bah-key) Moving with angles of defense. This movement can in one step be countered to an offense.

This is often expressed in short-hand by referring to these as "X-movements."

Goshin-Jutsu (go-shin jut-sue) Science of Self-Defense. This is a sub-style of Awase Kenpo.


Hiki-te: (He-key-tay) Literally, the returning hand. This can also describe the chambered position of the hand after it has stopped moving. The hiki-te returns twice as fast as the other hand advances.


Kiai: (Key-aye) Spirit Shout. This shout or yell begins from the tanden and serves several purposes. It "psyches" you up, it distracts or alarms your opponent, and it tightens your chest as you exhale air.

8th Kyu Vocabulary

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