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We offer discounted web hosting and website authoring packages for your school or club. These reasonably priced packages offer great value, and will help you establish a web presence for your organization.

We are currently taking advantage of Tripod's free web hosting service, and you may choose to have your site set up in a sub-directory of our site or purchase your own, discounted, ad-free web hosting package. As an affiliated site in an AKK subdirectory, you will be able to upgrade your hosting when we do. This Associate Package will start at just $20 per year. Pre-purchase of the Associate Package will immediately entitle you to the discount offered on website authoring. Your package renewal will date from the day the AKK site goes adless.

Site authoring fees start as low as $20. Contact Issy Ink Publications for more information.

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For information on becoming an affiliated Black Belt of the Awase Kenpo Kai, please contact us using the form below or call Soke Herschel Schenck at 330-345-7579.

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"Other martial arts schools teach people new things, but our dojo teaches people to be someone new!" -Soke Herschel Schenck