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Sensei Meghan Gray

Sensei Meghan
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Sensei Meghan Gray holds rankings in Awase Kenpo Karate-Do, Awase Kenpo-jitsu, Kenko-Na Kenpo, and the Tonfa.

Sensei Meghan first began training with Soke Schenck in 1995, when she enrolled in his self-defense class at the College of Wooster. She has been formally training under Soke Schenck since August 2000.

Currently a fully-licensed Sensei instructor, Sensei Meghan is also a National Champion and has experience in teaching short course self-defense seminars as well as regular, private, or semi-private instruction in all of her ranked styles.

Sensei Meghan teaches at the Wooster Institute of Karate-Do and is available for Seminars or short courses taught for your organization or club.

Sensei Meghan Gray at her black belt test, with Mr. Rod Rehm

private and semi-private lessons are available.

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Sensei Meghan Gray
330 347 1034