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Christian Martial Artists Union
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The Christian Martial Artists Union joyfully provides the following services:

*Materials, training, and prayer support to equip you to effectively use your martial arts skills in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of your rank.

*Guidance to instructors of newly formed styles in the formation, organization, and sanctioning of curriculum.

*Rank Certificates and instructor's and assistant instructor's certification programs for schools operated by Christian instructors with sanctioned school charters. ($25/year charter fee)

*Guidance in establishing an affiliated chapter within your school or club, regardless of whether it is operated by a secular instructor. ($15.00 application fee)

*Dynamic and ethical management and marketing programs to help you expand your operation.

*Guidance in developing a Christian Karate tournament circuit with a strong evangelistic outreach.

*Seminars and clinics to help you gain a higher level of physical, mental, and spiritual excellence.

*A program to develop an evangelistic demonstration team (Sidekicks for Christ) for your missionary outreach.

*Traditional stone Name and Rank stamps (hanko), beautifully handcarved($25 and up.)

*Sharing the martial arts and gospel ministries through the CMAU newsletter.

*Discounts on website authoring and hosting for CMAU members

*Free HTML code for a CMAU banner on your existing website

*Plus much more- as the Lord leads!

picture at top left: Mt. Davidson Easter Cross, San Francisco

Warriors of Faith * 330-345-7579